Rigging your home with a security camera recorder can help to discourage break-ins and theft. The sight of one can throw up a mental barrier in a criminal's mind since it increases the chance of getting caught. Closed-circuit television acts as an excellent crime prevention measure suitable for both a business and private residence.

In choosing a CCTV system the home owner or business owner may have different needs and preferences. The business owner may want to spend the time, effort and money to install a wired system incorporating not only video, but also power cables. Home owners may not want route wires through walls and they may want to take the CCTV system with them to a new home. The home owner would then select a wireless system that is easier to install or relocate.

For people who would like to have more information about the CCTV camera as well as how the CCTV camera can help you feel secure in your home as well as the price listings of the CCTV cameras, interested people can just easily acquire it through the internet wherein various web sites concerning the CCTV camera abound, you just have to be able to resist the urge to just buy any old CCTV camera that is being offered in the market today. There are actually a lot of fraud CCTV cameras wherein they sell it off inexpensively, duping their customers into thinking that they were able to score a bargain but in reality these are just cheap imitations and do not really function that well.

Many good IP CCTV cameras such as LG CCTV also include a range of other features such as VoIP and video analytics – which when used in combination for example can be used to identify when there's a trespasser on your premises and then call for assistance.

To make any system a little more affordable, there is the option of supplementing or completely replacing operational cameras with dummy cameras. If a combination is preferred, always point the real cameras at the most likely entry points such as doors and accessible windows, and save the dummy devices for less important areas, perhaps an outbuilding or covering the wall of your garden.

Early CCTV surveillance systems were some type of camera linked to a television screen or monitor. These early systems may not even have included the ability to record what was happening - just simply capture a picture in one location and display the contents on a screen elsewhere.