Need a discreet mini-camera to spy on the kids to make sure they aren't misbehaving? Miniature wireless cameras offer ease of placement without being noticed. You can even get a portable LCD monitor for on the go. Good for worried parents who are leaving their kids at home.

The output of CCTV cameras is feed into a security digital video recorder (DVR). This DVR can store the video for viewing later, feed the video into a security center or connect to the Internet for viewing from anywhere in the world on your computer or smart phone. This gives great flexibility to view your CCTV network now, in real time, from your office or workplace or have a time stamped recording of the video for use later. The Security DVR can be a stand-alone unit with ample recording space or the DVR can very small and integrated with the camera and the recording done on a memory card.

IP CCTV is a new(ish) technology for security and surveillance that has many unique advantages making it a hot favourite for a large number of companies and individuals. The IP CCTV stands for 'Internet Protocol Closed Circuit Television' and this refers to the fact that the camera transmits its data wirelessly to be streamed onto a computer rather than needing cables. In the old meaning of CCTV, the 'closed circuit' in question referred to the connection that kept all of your cameras connected to their television sets and VHS recorders. This represented a closed circuit that others couldn't use. While IP CCTV is not in reality a circuit, the data still is limited to be viewed by those devices that have been granted access.

Some CCTV camera kits will be wireless, others will require a wired installation. Both have pros and cons, and the debate rages on as to which is preferable. Wireless CCTV kits are certainly much more easy to install, so much so that a professional installation is rarely necessary if you have some basic DIY skills. This ease of installation also means the install will be cheap. A wired system may require knocking through wall, laying cable, possibly underground if you are linking outbuildings in to your security set-up.

Now things have changed. Clearly commercial CCTV surveillance systems have been more advanced than this for many years but now we have the ability to install and utilise sophisticated CCTV surveillance systems in our homes and offices with considerably reduced cost and increased facilities.