Finally we have an IP Camera. This camera has its own IP address and can be connected directly to the internet or your computer. If the camera is connected to the internet directly without a computer or DVR, you can access the video from anywhere in the world, but you will not be making a time stamped recording. These cameras can greatly reduce the cost of monitoring a specific area without using a DVR, if you are willing to accept any limitation.

Of course with more features that means there is more that can go wrong and this can make it more daunting for those who are less confident with technology and who perhaps don't need as much of a set up for their buildings. Smaller businesses might then decide against IP CCTV, but there are still many LG CCTV systems and others out there for them that will be simpler to use but lack some of the additional bells and whistles.

Another consideration is the primary use you intend for your system. Cameras obviously have a deterrent effect on would-be criminals, and for this to work effectively, they need to be positioned prominently so they are easily seen. They can also be backed up by additional signage that confirms that the property is under surveillance.

The most obvious and common use for CCTV is for security. These cameras are usually installed in parks, government offices, shopping malls, and other places where the threat of illegal activities and theft is imminent. However, many companies and institutions also use these cameras to monitor their employees so that complacency at the workplace can be avoided. It can be used for monitoring traffic. It is used in sports stadiums to focus on the audience. It can be hidden in trains and buses to detect vandalism. It can be used to monitor animals in a zoo. It can even be used to reproduce infrared vision. The applications are almost limitless.

Preventing theft from the till: CCTV isn't only useful for preventing crimes committed by outsiders – just as often it can help you to prevent and catch criminals within your own organisation. This might mean people steeling cash from a till, or steeling private information about the company (and even forms of company espionage).

Another advantage of modern CCTV cameras is that they capture high-resolution images so that physical characteristics and faces can be easily identified. One can easily note unauthorized or suspicious behavior by watching CCTV footage. If constant surveillance is impossible, footage can also be recorded and stored. These days wireless surveillance units are available at low cost and with easy installation technique.